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Join the DIPG NominationChallenge!

The DIPG Nomination Challenge has been launched to raise awareness of DIPG and encourage signatories for the petition.

Sign the petition, “Fund more research into DIPG brain tumours, which are almost universally fatal.” – SIGN THE PETITION!
(Deadline to reach 100,000 signatures by 3 Dec 2016)

Then,  film yourself doing the following – not forgetting to copy and paste this text along with your video, and nominate 5 others to take the challenge.

1) 40 x Squats
2) 9 x Sit Ups
3) 1 x Diamond Push Up (not a normal one, use both hands to make a diamond shape, whilst doing the push up)

There are reasons behind all of these numbers as follows:

– 40 is the approximate number of children diagnosed in the UK every year.
– 9 is the number of months they typically have to live from diagnosis
– And finally, it has less than 1% survival rate.

We need to change these statistics, please remember to sign the petition and make a difference.

Click to see some of those who have already taken on the challenge



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