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New UK Government Petition

Dear All,

Team Kaleigh have recently launched a new UK Government petition to try and help more families fight DIPG. Please help us in our attempt to get the petition noticed and debated by the UK government by signing – please ask your Friends and Families to sign too!

Sign the petition

Fund research into pediatric
A classroom of innocent UK school children is dying every year to an incurable brain cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), but globally over 200,000 children in the last 50 years have lost their lives to this death sentence of an illness. This needs to end & a cure needs to be found

More details
• No cure to date
• Mainly affect children between 4-12 years
• Average survival time from diagnosis is 9 months.
• Every 9 days a child in the UK is diagnosed
• Survival rate +5 years: DIPG 1962-0% 2017-0% vs Leukaemia 1962-4% 2017-94%
• Only 1% of the UK national spend on cancer research has been allocated to brain cancer.

• Fund research into paediatric DIPG brain cancer
• Earlier access to multi modal experimental drugs & delivery system
• UK to be global ambassador for DIPG



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